The mattress uses the Bonnell Spring System, which means the springs are coiled such that they compress easily at first and get firmer the more they are pressed, providing soft yet firm support.  Combined with a layer of padding on the top you’ll float off to sleep easily.

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Also, the mattress fabric is treated with anti-dust mite, anti-bacteria, and anti-fungus properties, ensuring your sleep is pristine. Bring home a AXON Bonnell Spring Mattress and sleep like you’ve never slept before! Lie down to rest on the AXON Bonnell Spring Mattress and you’ll always get a clean and refreshing rest.

  • Comfort Layer : Made up of AXON® material, it determines the mattress feel and level of AXON-Adapt.

  • Support Layer : Formulated from AXON® material, this layer provides support for your body and helps distribute body weight evenly across the mattress.

  • Base Layer : This layer serves as the “base” for the AXON® material above it, and is also designed to help disperse heat from the mattress.

Make Your Bed Even More Dreamy

Choose a mattress & base combination for unlimited comfort, full-body ergonomic support, and even massage options.
Remember: your AXON mattress needs a sturdy base.



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